by Jonathan “Asoue1286” SnicketEdit

Part One: Edit

Ten years ago, the three Baudelaire children had been on a very sad adventure to find a happy home. They were very unlucky, but were very intelligent. They were always happy to find someone who was kind to them, but this didn’t happen very much. Their misfortune began one day, long ago, with a terrible fire that had burned down their home, killing their parents in the process. After the fire, they were sent to live with their distant relative, Count Olaf. Count Olaf treated the Baudelaires very badly, and this is because he didn’t care about the Baudelaires. He only cared about getting his hands on the enormous fortune that the Baudelaire parents left behind, that couldn’t be used until Violet Baudelaire was eighteen. To try to get ahold of the fortune, Count Olaf tried to marry Violet, but Klaus Baudelaire foiled his plan by reading out nuptial- a word which here means “marriage”- laws. Klaus found out that if Violet didn’t sign the legal document with her own hand, it wouldn’t be valid, and so the Baudelaires just barely escaped from Olaf’s clutches. Unfortunately for the Baudelaires, Count Olaf got away from the police, and escaped to vow that some day he would have the Baudelaires’ fortune. And every time after that, the Baudelaires escape just barely from being captured by Count Olaf. This takes them from working in a lumbermill to working in a carnival to attending boarding school, just to hide from Count Olaf. Along the way, they meet some very good friends, discover and later join a secret organization known as V.F.D, witness a few horrible deaths (including the one of Count Olaf), and even adopt a child. All of this was just from the original series of unfortunate events. It is now ten years later and the Baudelaires feel much better about what had happened and they also feel that another adventure is about to come. Violet Baudelaire, who is now twenty-five years old, was one of the finest inventors of her time. Every time she was to invent something, she would tie her hair up in a long, purple hair ribbon to keep it out of her eyes. And because Violet was an inventor, her mind was often filed with images of pulleys, levers gears, and other things necessary for inventing something. Klaus Baudelaire, who had just turned twenty-three, was the best researcher around. He was known for having his nose always stuck in a book- a phrase which here means “Klaus was always reading a book”- and trying to learn some more information. Since he was always reading to learn more, he had recently wanted to even start a library that had information on everything that even the smartest person in the world would think of. Sunny Baudelaire, who is about to turn eleven, was an excellent culinary chef. At a young age, when she was just an infant, she had come to making delicious recipes such as putting ground cinnamon into a hot mug of hot cocoa. She has appeared on the radio and on the television many times in the past few years. Also, when she was an infant, she liked to bite things, but had grown out of that when she was four. Beatrice Baudelaire, ten now, was the Baudelaire siblings’ adopted daughter. She was orphaned as soon as she was born because her mother, Kit Snicket, had died from a deadly fungus. Beatrice had just embarked on a journey herself to try to find the Baudelaire siblings. She barely knew it, but she had helped complete a collection of “The Beatrice Letters” while trying to get help from a brae man- a phrase which here means “man who lives in the hills” –named Lemony Snicket, who was her uncle. This morning was the same day, ten years ago, that the Baudelaires siblings were playing on the beach when they had received the news that their parents had been killed in a terrible fire. This morning, the Baudelaires were not thinking what had happened on this day ten years ago. They were too busy admiring the invention that Violet had finally finished. “Wow,” said Klaus and Sunny, gleefully. “What is it?” asked Beatrice. “This,” Violet began, “is the solution to everything that we have ever been through since the death of our parents. I call it ‘The Traveler’.” What Violet had called “The Traveler” looked like an average television remote control with the extra buttons on it that could control your VCR or DVD player but it had something extra on it. It was a small screen, much like the screen on a CD player that could show different numbers. “The Traveler,” Violet continued, “is a remote that could send you to any time that you could possibly imagine”. “Wow,” everyone, except for Violet, said. “I say that it is the solution to everything that we have ever been through because it could send us back in time to convince to parents to not stay in the house for some reason.” “Yeah,” said Klaus, catching on to what Violet was saying, “We could travel back ten years from today and convince our parents to come with us to Briny Beach or something. That way our parents would still be alive and we would never meet Count Olaf or know about V.F.D or anything like that.” “You’re a genius, Violet,” said Sunny. “Yeah, I agree with Sunny,” said Beatrice, “There is a problem with that, though. None of us look the way that we did ten years ago. What are we supposed to tell you guys’ parents? We’re all from the future and we want to save you from a horrible fire? I’m even someone wasn’t even born yet from an old friend of yours? Let’s have a fun day at the beach while-” Beatrice got interrupted by Violet before she could get worked up any more than she already was. “There is a bug in The Traveler that for what we are going to use it for, I’m glad for the bug. As soon as we reach our destination time, we will look exactly as we did in that time. This bug wouldn’t be too good for going into the future or far in the past but good for our trip ten years ago”, explained Violet. Beatrice had calmed down then pointed out another problem with The Traveler, “I won’t be able to come with you then. This day ten years ago, my mom was probably just then getting pregnant with me. I might turn into dust or something if I come.” “Well,” said Klaus, “I guess Beatrice will have to stay here. I’m sad about that but if it means fixing the misfortune in our lives I’m in.” “I agree,” agreed Sunny. “Then we will travel back ten years to stop the deaths of our parents,” said Violet.

Part Two: Edit

In the previous part, you have read about how the Baudelaire orphans grew up, used their fortune, and how Violet Baudelaire invented something that might just solve all of the problems that her and her siblings had ever encountered, including the death of their parents in a terrible fire. Violet had just invented a small remote that could send you to any time at all, called The Traveler. The Traveler looked like an average television remote control with the extra buttons on it that could control your VCR or DVD player but it had something extra on it. It was a small screen, much like the screen on a CD player that could show different numbers. There was also a bug with The Traveler, which Violet had explained as The Traveler making you look like what you did in the time that you were traveling to. The Baudelaires decided that this would be fine for what they were going to use The Traveler for. They have been getting ready for their adventure all day, including finding someone to watch Beatrice because they figured out that since Beatrice hadn’t been born yet, ten years ago that day, Beatrice might not look so great. She might even turn into dust. So, Edgar and Albert Poe, who the Baudelaires had stayed with ten years ago when they had just found out about the fire, agreed to watch her. The Baudelaires were very relieved that Edgar and Albert did not turn out like their father, Mr. Arthur Poe, who was always coughing into a white handkerchief and was never helpful to the Baudelaires, even though he was in charge of the orphans’ affairs. Instead, Edgar and Albert, now twenty years of age, became waiters at Café Salmonella, a restaurant that the Baudelaires always recognized as being infatuated with salmon, but they do wish that they had been able to work at the bank where their father worked, but it had been closed down seven ago. After dropping Beatrice off at the Poe household, the Baudelaires walked to where the ruins of their mansion where still lying, ten years later. They had found that even some plants were starting to grow, even in the darkest of ashes. “If we are to be in the correct spot when we arrive,” said Violet, “we have to be in that spot when we leave.” “Makes sense”, said Sunny, and Klaus agreed with her. “Are we ready?” asked Violet. “Yes!” replied her siblings. “Okay then. Let me give you a quick run down of what we are going to do”, said Violet. “I am going to program some numbers and set the arrival date into The Traveler. While I do that, I want you guys to start thinking of what we are going to say to Mom and Dad when we get there. I’ll give more instructions when I am finished.” “Roger!” replied Klaus and Sunny, and that is what they did. It took Violet about five minutes to program all the numbers she needed programmed in order for The Traveler to put them where they are supposed to be. Sunny decided that they are going to tell their parents that they would like them to have fun at Briny Beach with them that day. Klaus decided to try to prevent the fire, but he only had a small idea of how it all started, so this idea was probably out. “Okay, I have it all ready”, Violet said after awhile. “All right then”, said Klaus, nervously. “Let’s go”, said Sunny, also nervously. “Then when I press this big button, right in the middle of the controls, we should be right in this spot ten years ago”, said Violet. “Three...” they all counted, “!” When they all shouted one, Violet pressed the big button, right in the middle of the controls. A great light appeared then quickly disappeared. It took a few moments for the Baudelaires’ eyes to adjust, and then the Baudelaires could not believe their eyes. There were glorious walls and a large staircase. Off in the distance of the room, there was an entryway to an enormous library, which looked awfully familiar to Klaus. It took only a minute for the Baudelaires to figure out where they were. They were standing in the middle of the Baudelaire mansion, before it had burned down. When they realized where they were, they looked at themselves and gasped. “Whoa, Violet,” said Klaus, “you look…different.” “So do you, Klaus”, said Violet. “Diffy?” asked Sunny. “Yeah, Sunny,” said Klaus, “you look different, too. You shrunk to the size of an infant. Violet, I think you’re invention worked. We are all the same as we were ten years ago. Even Sunny is talking like she did. And look, this is our home before it burned away.” Violet had realized this, too. “Violet,” called a familiar voice, “please don’t leave for the beach without your hair ribbon.” That is when the Baudelaires heard footsteps coming toward them, so Violet hurried and put The Traveler into her pocket. Just in time, too, because standing in front of the Baudelaires was their mother. “I remember forgetting my ribbon before I left for the trolley that took us to the beach. Mom had given it back to me and then that was the last time I saw her because we were in a hurry”, thought Violet. “Umm…thank you,” she said, and then her mother left the room to continue working. “Klaus,” called another familiar voice, which the Baudelaires quickly recognized as their father. He found them and then asked, “Did you get your magnifying glass so you can observe those spiny creatures, over there at Briny Beach, that you were telling me about?” “Y-yes,” stuttered Klaus, because he could hardly believe that he was standing with his father again. He was very thankful for Violet’s invention. “Wow,” he thought, “that traveler thing that Violet built is amazing. That was the last time I saw dad because we were in a hurry to leave.” “Okay, I’ll see you guys later,” said their father, “Have fun!” “Plan?” whispered Sunny to Klaus. Klaus nodded to his sister then said to his father, “Umm, yeah…Dad, we were wondering if…uh…you and mom would come with us to the beach. As a…um…family mini-vacation. Just pack up our favorite things and such, and…I don’t know…maybe even spend a few days at a hotel.” “Yeah,” spoke up Violet, as she realized what Klaus was doing, “have the whole family just take about a week away.” So that is what they all agreed upon…until they had finished packing up the car and Klaus was the last to get in. That is when everyone heard a fire alarm coming from inside the Baudelaire mansion. This was bad news, because the Baudelaire siblings were hoping that they would have already left before the fire had even begun. Mr. Baudelaire had started to take off his seatbelt, when Klaus had shouted for him to stop. “Dad, don’t,” he said, “I can’t keep this up any longer. Mom, Dad, this fire is supposed to kill you guys while we were playing at the beach. We spend the next year or so trying to find a happy home while being chased by a man you know as O, from V.F.D. Then we finally used the money you guys were to leave behind when you died, and built ourselves a happy home much like the mansion here. We are from ten years from now. Violet has invented a time machine to stop you guys from being killed in the fire. I’m sorry, but…I just don’t know. Our whole lives have been mixed up ever since this very fire disaster.” Mr. And Mrs. Baudelaire were shocked about this. After deciding on this, Mrs. Baudelaire spoke up, “Children, we love you very much but who knows what will happen if we don’t die in this fire. We already know that eventually you will have a happy home, in remembrance of us. We’re very sorry, but we can’t just go around changing history. Something just doesn’t feel right about that. Come on, Bertrand, let’s go inside,” this is were everyone starts to feel their eyes getting wet, “Goodbye children and good luck. We are sorry that it has to be this way.” Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire then both take off their seatbelts then get out of the car, and the siblings reluctantly do the same. “Goodbye,” said Mr. Baudelaire, “We are only doing this because we love you and we don’t want anything to change. We promise that we will always be with you, even when we are not around.” With this, they opened the front door of the mansion and they were never seen again. The Baudelaires couldn’t believe what had just happened, so Violet started to get The Traveler ready to go back home. Everything up to this moment had gone by in a flash. They returned home, got Beatrice, and explained everything to her. The Baudelaires continued their lives as if nothing had happened that day. They pretended that the day they just went through never existed. It just seemed to the Baudelaires that this was just another series of unfortunate events.