Hello. I'm here to discuss the case of Lemony Snicket. Who is this Snicket character? He was a noble man, working with VFD and protecting the world from fire. He was a happy man who had fallen in love with a woman named Beatrice. He was a hopeful man,getting his hopes too high when asking the one he loved to marry him. He was a sad man when he was rejected,because she was to marry another. He was a lonely man when Beatrice was killed in a brutal fire. He was a wanted man when he was accused of numerous crimes he did not commit. He was a frightened man when he was pursued while gathering facts of the Bauldelaire case. He was a happy man once again when he found a second Beatrice seeking his assistance. He is a troubled man who needs our help.

Please help this poor man. If you know of any way to help him, contact him or anything of that nature, leave me a message attatched to this page. you can do that by clicking on the 'Edit This Page' Option. I will be viewing it weekly.