The Beatrice letters is a companion to the "A Series of Unfortunate Events" series. In order to completely understand this, you're going to have to know the "Beatrice Letters". Now, I am compliling multiple theories that have been floating around. Now, throughout this page, I am going to be referring to the "My Silence Knot" sonnet. Now, I know that this is a very long post, but there are many answers throughout it, so I suggest looking throughout the whole thing.

Let me first begin by saying that there is the possibility that there is no answer at all, and that everything is just one big red herring. However, I am going to do my best to find an answer, because I sure hope that there is one.

Okay, now for the good stuff.

-As it becomes clear, there are two Beatrice Baudelaires: 1) the mother of the Baudelaire orphans, married to Bertrand Baudelaire, and the past lover of Lemony Snicket, now presumably dead, and 2) Kit Snicket's daughter, and therefore Lemony Snicket's niece, raised by the Baudelaires. I believe that all of the letters addressed to "Sir" are from Beatrice Jr., and all from Lemony are to Beatrice Senior, ALso, if you look at the cover of the Beatrice letters, you'll see that there is the face of a little girl that is formed by the sillhouette of the bigger sillhouette's hair.

-Throughout the "Beatrice Letters", there are letters in code that correspond to the punch-out letters. The letters are: E, E, N, S, I, K, R, A, C,T, A, and B. They are obviously jumbled. One anagram that I came up with is "Beatrice Sank". I believe that this is referring to the boat "The Beatrice" from Book the Thirteenth that was holding the Beaudelaires. I also came up with "A Brae Snicket", "A Nicer Basket", "Bear A Snicket", "A Snicket Bear", and "A Brae Casket". ALso, notice that closer to the end of the book, the L and the S are punched out from "The Beatrice Letters, but that those same initials (Lemony's) are not present at the end of his not to his editor, like they usually are. So now, they are missing twice... from "The Beatrice Letters" and from his letter, rather than appearing twice like the letters in "Beatrice Sank" (punchouts and hidden). But what could it mean?

- In the book it states a couple times that "one letter can change everything", and in "My Silence Knot", it reads "A piece of mail fails to arrive one day".

- There are multiple codes used in this particular book. The code "I'm sorry I embarassed you in front of your friends. I only wanted to talk to you." is a code, as well as the Sebald code, which starts at a "ring" and ends with a "ring". Then you count ten words in between each code word to form the code.

- People's first initials are used in this book, and none of them are for sure, but here are some guesses.

O= Olaf

R= Female, Duchess of Winnipeg, member of VFD

E= Esme

G= Geraldine Julienne, fashion editor of "The Daily Punctilio"

-Something strange that I noticed in one of the letters was that Beatrice Jr. stated that she couldn't find her family: Violet, Klaus, or Sunny, yet still had an early bedtime. I don't know if that is significant or not, though.

- Lemony once had an incident with "o" (olaf?) with a bottle of ink and a root beer float

-"O" or "L" (Olaf?) wrote the anagram: "A wet viper perm" when he and Lemony went to school together. The anagram can be "Preemptive War".

- Lemony refers to Beatrice Sr. as "a certain baticeer", and baticeer is an anagram for "Beatrice". Also, in the "My Silence Knot" sonnet, the author is (supposed to be?) playing the part of a baticeer.

- Beatrice Sr. had sent Lemony sonnets, just like "My Silence Knot", although I believe that that particular sonnet was found in the program for a play that Beatrice was in.

- In "My Silence Knot" it reads "I cannot speak to the one whom I care", and in one letter from Lemony to Beatrice Sr. here wrote "When you take your bows after Friday's performance, I will be sitting in the front fow, but do not acknowledge me."

- In "My Silence Knot" it reads "A hatpin serves as part of my disguise" and in the same letter from Lemony, he wrote "As you take your bow, drop one of your hatpins off the stage. That will be your signal to me that it is safe to meet at the usual place for our midnight root beer floats."

- In that same letter, it stated that Beatrice Sr. would have to wear a butterfly costume in the performance on Friday, which was, presumably, the "My Silence Knot" play.

- In the "My Silence Knot" sonnet, it reads "My costar lives on what we call a brae. His solitude might not be just an act." It is possible that either Bertrand or Count Olaf was her costar (or was it supposed to be someone else?).

- When Beatrice Sr. was tracking down Lemony, she was told that, as he left the cave that he had been staying in, he said "I'm in the mood for a root beer float", and it is known that he and Beatrice used to get together for root beer floats.

- In the "My Silence Knot" sonnet, it read "My silence knot is tied up in my hair, as if to keep my love out of my eyes." This could mean that, since "My Silence Knot" is an anagram for "Lemony Snicket", she was "tying him up in her hair" to hypothetically keep him on her mind, but to "keep her love [Lemony] out of her eyes", as in to not acknowledge him, but to think of him, as he asked her to not acknowledge him. Beatrice (or the author of the sonnet?) went on to say that "I cannot speak to the one whom I care."

- Also in the sonnet it reads "A piece of mail fails to arrive one day", and this could be referring to the one letter (LS to BB #4) that was accidentally sent to "R" who then sent it to Beatrice. However, this could have been around the time when Lemony's death was falsely published in the newspaper and so Beatrice had thought him dead, therefore allowing herself to become engaged to Bertrand, and by the time she got his letter, she was already engaged to Bertrand, and she sent him the 200-paged letter explaining why she couldn't marry him. However, there are flaws in this theory, such as the fact that "My Silence Knot" was written before Lemony's death was published, and before the mail failed to arrive. However, it is hard to tell exactly when the sonnet was written, so this could actually be an accurate theory. Another theory is that someone evil was taking over "R"'s identity, because on that letter, there was a coffee stain, which is used by villains to mark things, so "R" could have intercepted it on purpose. Also, another anagram for "Beatrice Sank" is "Bea- R in Casket", which could mean that the real "R" is already dead.

- Beatrice Sr. did in fact play the baticeer in the "My Silence Knot" play.

- In the letter "LS to BB #4", it says that the "My Silence Knot" play went to the hills for the tour's last performances, and it had said that while Beatrice Jr. was tracking down Lemony, he had been staying in a cave in the hills, "as if waiting for someone".

- Beatrice Jr. had watched Lemony (while tracking him) read a poem that defined the word "baticeer" ("My Silence Knot"?) and then went off to a library to research "Staged Poetry: Sonnets by Actors and Actresses". Could he have been trying to decode the sonnet?

- In the letter "LS to BB #5" there is a message in Sebald code that is "Are you certain your co-star is one of us?". The co-star could have been the solitary brae-man from the "My Silence Knot" sonnet. Olaf or Bertrand? It might not have been Olaf, since Lemony and Beatrice had known that "O", who is presumably Olaf, was bad, and Lemony would not have had to ask Beatrice Sr.. So could it have been Bertrand?

- It was said the Beatrice did not want to marry Lemony because of their classmate "Co-"... could it have been Bertrude or Count Olaf, since it also stated the "Co-" was, in fact "O", and was treacherous and not hygenic. So it could have been Olaf.

-Lemony believed that showing up early is one of the signs of a noble person.

- Beatrice Sr. had peppermint allergies, and this does make sense, seeing as she was the Beaudelaire's mother.

- Both Beatrices were baticeers.

- On the page that the sonnet is on, if you flip the page, it reads "THE END", and it is on page 13. Now, I believe that it is showing a copy of the program from the "My Silence Knot" play. However, the words "THE END" are also printed on page 13 of the the mini book at the back of "THE END". Could this mean that there is a connection?

- Now, in "13 Shocking Secrets You'll Wish You Never Knew About Lemony Snicket" (a pamphlet by the publishers) it does say that Lemony Snicket is not who you think he his. One theory is that Lemony is, in fact, two people working together. One clue that suggests this is that throughout the book, it says "untie My Silence Knot", and "My Silence Knot" is an anagram for "Lemony Snicket", and it says that "one letter can change everything" so if you switch the "i" in "untie" to before the "t", then you get "unite", and that message would therefore become "unite Lemony Snicket". Beatrice Sr. could have been one half of Lemony (although that is unlikely), and Sir from Luckysmells Lumbermill could be the other half, since Beatrice Jr. always addresses her letters as "Sir", and nobody has ever seen his face. However, this theory is flawed, partly because Lemony apparently helped Beatrice commit a crime, which would be hard if Beatrice was Lemony, and Lemony loved Beatrice, which would also be hard, and also because Lemony apparently had a niece, and because he was, according to the 13 secrets pamphlet, one of the three siblings (the Snicket siblings, presumably). However, another thing that suggests this is that in "My Silence Knot", the author is PLAYING a baticeer, which is an anagram for Beatrice. This could mean that the author is only playing Beatrice and isn't really her, or that Beatrice herself isn't who people think she is, which could suggest that she is Lemony. However, then their correspondence would be weird. After all, it would not be much fun to write to yourself. Also, Beatrice Jr. apparently saw Lemony, and I don't think that it was a woman, or that his face was covered by smoke, since Beatrice Jr. never mentioned that. However, Sir had the letters "LS" on his pajamas, so that goes to suggest that Lemony Snicket could in fact be Sir hiding from the authorities behind that thick smoke, since he is wanted for arson. To explain his rude behavior towards the Baudelaires, he could have not wanted to be reminded of Beatrice, so he wanted them to leave, or something along those lines.

- Is "hatpin" an anagram? Is "My Kind Editor" an anagram?

- Count Olaf had hinted that he did not burn down the Beaudelaire Mansion, so could it have been Lemony?

-Olaf means "Descendant of or relative of", so he could have been related to the Beaudelaires.

-"Root beer Float" could be an anagram for "Olaf to Rob Tree", just like how in "The End" he stole an apple from the tree to save himself from the fatal fungi, and how he might have been going to steal from the library inside of the tree.

- Something strange about the poster is that the spatulas from the "Penulatimate Peril" are seen in the boat's wreckage, although they weren't used when the Baudelaires were using the boat to leave the island. Also, in the picture of the cave on reverse side of the poster, it shows pictures of sunny's cooking equipment, Klaus' glasses, and Violet's hair ribbon, presumably pictures from the wreckage. There is also an actual bowler hat present, but I don't remember them taking along a bowler hat, so it is entirely possible that Lemony Snicket was visiting the wreckage for his research, and he was the one who took along the spatulas to paddle with.

- Here are some possible identities of the co-star. These are combined words that are related to the co-star, and that have been anagramed.

"My co-star" + "Brae Man" = "Nero: Mama's bat cry"

"My Co-star" + "The Brae Man" = "Ernest- a match, may rob"

"Your co-star" + "Brae Man" = "Bruce- No stray Aroma"

Then, of course, there is Count Olaf and Bertand, the Baudelaire's father.

- There have also been rumors bloating around that there are four lettters (as in A-B-C) hidden withing letters (As in written letters from one person to another) in, supposedly, grammar fluctuation code, and that those four letters should be replaced by the letters "D", "E", "E", and "R". You could either take these words to be their own message, or you could combine them with "Beatrice Sank" to get yet more anagrams.

- Now, something that, to me, seems very important, is that in the last letter that Beatrice sends to Lemony, "BB to LS #6", it says "If you don't want to meet me, rip it in half when you are done with your root beer floar, and I will leave and never try to contact you again." However, notice that the card is NOT RIPPED IN HALF! What could this mean? This card was probably from Beatrice Jr., because the card states that she is 10 years old.

Alright, that's all for now. If you have any answers, feel free to let them be known. We're all waiting! By the way, in "13 Shocking Secrets You'll Wish You Never Knew About Lemony Snicket", it does say that his work is filled with information meant for his associates... so keep on looking!